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Project Overview

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Introduction to the project

PLEASE REMEMBER: Half of your grade comes from the project. Therefore, it requires a significant amount of good work.
Your project is worth 50% of the course mark. Thus it needs to be a significant accomplishment for you, considerably beyond the material in your proposal.

The project expectations involve different amounts of accomplishment depending on whether the course is taken as 480 or 840.
All projects require students to investigate a related topic in greater detail than is covered in the class.

Students are advised to discuss possible projects with the instructor prior to creating their proposal.

It is expected that your project will involve analyzing (researching / identifying needs), implementing (some contribution based on your analysis), and evaluating (the results of your implementation) some aspect of Accessible Computing at a level more advanced than that covered by the main portion of this class.

Stages of the project

The project is broken into the following stages to help you to be successful and to get your work done on time:
Each of these stages is described in detail in its own page.

Choosing a project

Most types of projects should not be too narrow. They should deal with some significant accessibility issue. They can do this by including a number of specific instances that are representative of this issue.

You should choose a project where:
There are some examples of good project topics and of the good outcomes of previous projects below.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that you book a half hour appointment with the instructor at least a week before your proposal is due to discuss what might make a good topic for you.

Examples of good project topics:

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only possible types of topics. Talk your ideas over with the instructor as soon as possible to help you to identify a good topic.

480 (only) Projects could include:

480/840 Projects could include:

Example outcomes of previous projects

PLEASE NOTE: The documentation describing the outcomes of various previous projects below are taken from a number of different documents produced for a variety of purposes (and have often received additional development beyond what was handed in as a project). They are not formatted in the same manner as your project reports are expected to be formatted. They also may contain various challenges and opportunities.

Some other topics that have been investigated by student projects include

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