CMPT 480/840 Accessible Computing

Project Proposal

Due Date: 12:00 noon, Mon, Sept 30

General project expectations are discussed in the CMPT 480/840 Project page.

The formal proposal  for your class project provides a plan for your project. This proposal should convince the instructor that the topic is appropriate to this class and is feasible for you to do a good job with.

Your formal proposal is worth 5% of the course mark. Thus, it requires a reasonable amount of research. It is intended that your proposal demonstrates that you have all the background needed to start developing your project and that you have a realistic plan for its success. Remember, that your proposal is just the starting point of your project!

Your proposals should be well structured to make their contents easily accessible to the instructor. You may use point form or other suitable structures. but be sure that the contents of your points are completely clear. For most points one or more sentences will likely be more appropriate than just a short phrase, unless the short phrase is only a subheading and is explained beneath it.

You proposal should include:

 Title Choose a title that does a good job of describing your project in a few words. This title should be suitable for putting in your resume.
 Justification Identify the basic problem you wish to solve by conducting your project and explain why it is important (both to you and to the field of accessible computing).
 Background Provide a brief discussion of the background to this problem and a survey of the available the information that you will be researching. This should convince the instructor that you are prepared to succeed at this project.

You should include a discussion of at least 4 or 5 references to information that you will use, including references (with URL's) for:
  • research papers that have provided you information
  • tools that you will use
 Methodology Discuss the main activities that you will undertake to perform this project.

This should include a realistic, week by week plan of activities and accomplishments. This should convince the instructor that you will successfully complete your project on schedule.

Remember that you will need to make a class presentation of your project.
 Results Describe what types of results of your project will produce and how you expect them to be evaluated.

Be sure to provide information on at least the anticipated high level structure of each report / tool / lab assignment that you are proposing to develop as part of your project.

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