CMPT 480 / 840 Accessible Computing

Project Presentations

Each student will be given 20 minutes for a presentation and 10 minutes for handling questions.

Your presentation should include a set of slides (either in PowerPoint or in a single Web page, with suitable spaces between slides. It is requested that you e-mail Professor Carter your slides at least 24 hours prior to the time of your presentation so that he can post them in advance for all students to have a chance to review them prior to the presentation.

NOTE: Slides should not contain large portions of text. The purpose of slides is to provide organization to the ideas that you will be presenting. Thus slides should be relatively sparse. A typical slide with text would have a title for the slide and between 1 and 5 main points. Each point should just use a few words to introduce the idea that you will be discussing. Where you have a slide containing a graphic, it should be preceded with a slide containing a complete and usable alt-text description of the graphic and should be clearly labeled as a being an alternate slide. This alternate slide will not be included in the count of the number of slides discussed below.

You presentation should include:

  • Based on your project
  • (1 slide - 15 seconds)
  • contains: title for your project, your name, and class name and date
  • NOTE: Do not waste time with a table of contents slide - this presentation is too short to need one
  • Based on your proposal
  • (1 slide - 1 - 2 minutes)
  • contains: title for slide and outline of points that you will discuss to justify why your project is helpful/useful and for who it is helpful/useful
  • Based on your proposal and your further research
  • (1 - 2 slides - 3 - 5 minutes)
  • contains: title for slides and outline of major sources of information (idea, author, date) that you used in your project
  • Discuss the main activities that you undertook to perform this project.
  • (This should include a discussion of any problems that you encountered and how you overcame them.)
  • (1 - 3 slides) - 3 - 5 minutes)
  • contains: title for slides, outline of activities and how you accomplished them and any problems that you had to overcome.
  • Describe the results of your project  and how you evaluated them.
  • If your project includes software, you should consider how you can demonstrate the main interface and main functions in less than 5 minutes.
  • (4 - 8 slides + demo if applicable - 7 - 10 minutes)
  • contents: will very based on your project
 Conclusion and
  • Very briefly discuss what's next for your project
    • Is it good enough to be used, if so by who and for what
    • Does it need more work, for it to be useful, if so what type and how much work
    • Is it just a class project, that has little or no further use, if so why is this the case
  • (1 slide - 30 seconds)
  • contains: title for slide and recommendation(s)

Students should practice their presentations ahead of time to ensure that they can deliver them in the 20 minutes available.

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