CMPT 480 / 840 Accessible Computing


Students are required to complete a set of Accessibility Demonstration Experiences (ADEs) to acquaint themselves with various accessibility issues.

NOTE: These ADEs are intended to give you a feel of various accessibility issues and solutions. They are not intended to teach you in depth about the issues or the latest tools or techniques for solving the issues.

All assignments come from the set of USERLab Accessibility Demonstration Exercises found at

Where possible, the ADEs are maximally accessible or  alternate accessible versions are provided. Where an accessible version is not available, an alternate assignment will be provided by the instructor.

Students are required to submit a short report (by e-mailing it to the instructor carter @ cs dot usask dot ca)  before 12 noon on the due date. Details of what to hand in are provided in the "What to Hand-in" section of each assignment.

The subject of the e-mail for assignments  should be "480 Assignment xx - your name", where week xx is the assignment number and where you insert your own name in the subject line. 

Assignments are worth 20% of your mark in the course.

List of Assignments and alternate accessible versions

NOTE: It is possible that some assignments might change prior to the week in which they are intended to be done.
Before and After Considering Accessibility
2Automatic Accessibility Evaluations
3Cultural and Linguistic Issues
OS-Based Accessibility Settings and Services
Using a Screen Reader
6Colour Shifting and Shading
7Cognitive Issues
Creating Alternative Text
10Using Head and Eye Tracking
11 Secondary Encodings

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