e-Commerce is an application area where usability is essential in the acceptance of systems.

USER Lab is especially interested in how usability concerns are involved in the evolution of e-Commerce applications.

USER Lab is involved with analyzing trends in e-Commerce evolution.

USER Lab is also involved in providing usability engineering methodologies focused on e-Commerce.

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Some major e-C insights from our team

The future of much of e-tailing involves integrating retailing with e-tailing in a manner that provides as equivalent a full shopping experience in either mode or in various combinations of modes. While this can be expected of chain stores (as illustrated in Figure 1) it can also be a new source of growth for independent retailers who band together in e-Cooperatives (as illustrated in Figure 2).

Figure 1. An integrated chain model of e-Commerce

Figure 2. A cooperative model of integrated e-Commerce

Select e-C publications by our team members include:

J. Carter and N. Sheehan, 2004, While Pure B2C is Dying, e-tailing is Evolving Nicely, manuscript in production.

J. Carter and N. Sheehan, 2004, Moving from Competition to Cooperation: e-tailing is Integrating with Retailing, to appear Business Horizons, march-April, 71-78.

J. Carter, 2002, Developing e-Commerce Systems, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ

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