Usability Evaluation Activities

Evaluating Compliance

The goal of Evaluating Compliance is to identify whether or not a system meets the requirements and recommendations found in various ergonomic standards, laws, and/or style guides.

NOTE: "compliance" is a word with different meanings depending on whether you refer to "officially defined" compliance or an informal evaluation of some product or process based on the guidance found within the standard. While we recognize the difference, we will use the word compliance to encompass both meanings. "Officially defined" compliance will be referred to as "official" compliance.

Ergonomic standards may include:

We refer to complying with all applicable requirements and recommendations as "fully" complying.

Evaluating compliance with ergonomic standards cannot determine how good a system is. It can only determine whether or not the system complies with the requirements and recommendations of identified standards.

Ergonomic standards come from a variety of sources including:

Before compliance can be evaluated:

Some Potential Ergonomic Standards to be considered include:

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