Proceedings of GOTHI'05

Guidelines On Tactile and Haptic Interactions

October 24-26, 2005

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA

Complete Proceedings (3.6Mb pdf)
Individual Papers:

Proceedings Title Page and Front Matter

Guidance on Tactile Human-System Interaction: Some Statements Wünschmann, W. and Fourney, D.
Two Recommendations for Tactile/Haptic Displays: One for All Kinds of Presentations and One for the Development of Haptic Displays Jansson,G.
Information Access for the Blind – Graphics, Modes, Interaction Jurgensen, H and Power, C
Braille, Innovations, and Over-Specified Standards Gardner, J.A.
Conference System using Finger Braille Miyagi, M., Nishida, M., Horiuchi, Y. and Ichikawa, A
Prosody Rule for Time Structure of Finger Braille Miyagi, M.,  Horiuchi, Y. and Ichikawa, A
Haptic and Tactile Feedback in Directed Movements Subramanian,S., Gutwin, C., Sanchez, M.N., Power, C., and Liu, J.
Guideline for Tactile Figures and Maps Kwok, M.G.
A Tactile/Haptic Interface Object Reference Model Carter, J.
A Framework to Support the Designers of  Haptic, Visual and Auditory Displays
Nesbitt, K.V.
Structured Guidelines to Support the Design of  Haptic Displays Nesbitt, K.V.
Initiating Guidance on Tactile and Haptic Interactions Fourney, D. and Carter, J.
Research Based Tactile and Haptic Interaction Guidelines Carter, J. and Fourney, D.
The GOTHI Model of Tactile and Haptic Interaction Jim Carter, David Fourney, Shinichi Fukuzumi, John A. Gardner, Yasuo Horiuchi, Gunnar Jansson, Helmut Jűrgensen, Roland Kadefors, Tadashi Kobayashi, Misa Grace Kwok, Manabi Miyagi, Keith V. Nesbitt