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Nov 30
In your project demonstrations you are not allowed to create any sql code. You are only allowed to insert attribute values (given to you by the instructor) intocode that was aalready written. Be sure to find out how to set up your system to do this easily in the Tutorial tomorrow, Dec 1.

Nov 28, 2016
On Friday Dec 2 in class, I will be accepting requests from project teams on a first come, first served basis for project presentation times.

Nov 4
Class project teams are announced.

Oct 27
The extended case study is now available.

Oct 24
This week and next week are very important to attend class and to consider the following:

Sept 8, 2016
1. I have clarified what is needed for a good description for each item in Assignment 0.

2. The two other classes I spoke about in class yesterday are:
If you or any of your friends are interested in learning more about these classes please come by the class or contact me.

Sept 7, 2016
Demand for enrollment in CMPT 355 has greatly exceeded capacity for the single tutorial section that was placed in the registration system's "class build". As a result, we have added a second tutorial time (5:30-6:50) in addition to the officially scheduled time (4:00-5:20) to provide space for all the students registered this term. Attendance at both times is on a first come - first served basis.
We again have the services of Edgar Lelei as tutor. Edgar has considerable experience with this course and is a major resource for students in using the software. While Edgar is the source of expert advice regards using the software, please remember that all questions regarding interpreting the requirements of assignments and the project should be addressed to Prof. Carter.

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