CMPT 355

Assignment # 3

Assignment # 3 is due 11:00 am Wednesday, Nov 2

NOTE: This assignment is subject to change up to the end of class on Weds. Oct. 19.

Topic: evolve your museum database with a focus on temporal data

NOTE: You MUST successfully complete your Assignment #3. It will be used as a basis for your project. If you do not hand in on time a successful Assignment #3, you will be placed with other people who also have not completed their Assignment #3.


You are to do the following using text files of SQL commands, dbvisualizer, and the PostgresSQL database provided to you on the Department PostgresSql server. You may initially test out your work on any machine equipped with PostgresSQL that is available to you.

NOTE: It is expected that you fix any major problems with your database from A#2 via sql commands before starting this assignment. There are no marks assigned to fixing those problems and no formal reporting requirements for documenting the fixes. However, if you do not make required fixes, marks may be deducted from A#3 for not starting from a good database structure. Therefore, you should briefly explain the fixes you have done (or why you did not need to do any fixes) at the start of your report for A#3 to help the marker understand where you are starting A#3 from.

NOTE: Be sure to include a copy of your dbVisualizer e-r diagram for the structure of your database that you are starting to use for A#3 at the start of your documentation for part 1.

Routine Maintenance

1. expanding your current exhibitions  using a text file named C355A31.txt (10 marks for db work and 5 marks for report)

2. evolving collection using a text file named C355A32.txt (5 marks for db work and 5 marks for report)

3. recording history using a text file named C355A33.txt (20 marks for db work and 5 marks for report)

Expand your database to handle outgoing loans and traveling exhibitions  in the following order:

PLEASE NOTE: The following enhancements to your system should be developed with the least number of new tables possible. It is preferable to evolve existing tables to handle these activities so that all similar data exists in a single table (e.g. works-locations).

4. outgoing loans using a text file named C355A34.txt (20 marks for db work and 5 marks for report)

5. traveling exhibitions using a text file named C355A35.txt (20 marks for db work 5 marks for report)

Create a report in a Word document named C355A3r.doc that explains what you did for each step (including e-r diagrams for each step)

Be sure to ask any questions you need to clarify this assignment, well before it is due.


Hand In:


5% of the year's grade, distributed as follows:

   % of assignment mark
 1. Expand Current Exhibit  10 for db, 5 for report
 2. Evolving the Collection
   5 for db, 5 for report
 3. Record History  20 for db, 5 for report
 4. Outgoing Loans
 20 for db, 5 for report
 5. Traveling Exhibitions  20 for db, 5 for report

end of Assignment #3

Extra optional work:

[Note: you do not have to do the following. If you succeed with it, you can earn marks above the 100% allocated to the above assignment. doing Doing all of this optional extra work successfully could add up to 2.5% to your year's grade. To get marks for any section, you must have also done the preceding sections. I had to set Moodle up to accept marks up to 150, but be assured that I will use these marks out of 100 for grading purposes so that you do not have to do this extra optional work to get full marks on A#3.]

X. Develop mechanisms to perform automatic scheduling of new exhibitions

X.a. Design for calculating disruption costs (20 marks for a report - this is available in any case - in other words, you could get these marks for successful planning of your strategy)

X.b. Calculating disruption costs (10 marks for db work according to report from X.a, prerequisite X.a)

X.c. Creating the guest exhibition (10 marks for db work according to report fromX.a, prerequisite X.b)

X.d. Making the necessary changes (10 marks for db work according to report from X.a, prerequisite X.c)