CMPT 355

Assignment # 0

Assignment # 0 should be completed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and must be completed before Sept. 19, 2016.

Topic: Claim a museum (museums can include art galleries) to use as the basis for your assignments.
NOTE: This assignment has two parts.

Part A Claiming a museum

Each student is required to find a different museum and receive permission from the instructor to use the items from the museum as a basis for the data to be used in that student's assignments.

Students may not claim

Methodology: Identify a museum on the internet, that includes works within a mandate of interest to you and that has information on at least 125 works within this mandate available on-line.

NOTE: The museum must contain real physical works (artifacts/ items/pictures/ etc.) that are physically exhibited in an actual physical location in the real world. Virtual museum (that only exists on the Internet) are not acceptable.

The Assignments and Projects page provides some useful links that may help you get started. Alternatively you may wish to search the Web for a museum dedicated to a particular interest of your own. Remember that museums can be claimed on a first come first served basis. You cannot proceed to use a museum until your claim request has been approved. The instructor reserves the right to refuse to approve any mandates that contain inappropriate items.

NOTE: Because of the enormous size of the collections of the museums within the Smithsonian Institution, it is possible for different students to claim items within a different mandate from the same museum, as long as there is online information on sufficient items within this mandate.

Hand In: You are to e-mail the instructor  with your request to claim a particular museum for your assignment. The subject line of the e-mail should be "CMPT 355 A#0 Part A - Claim". Your e-mail should include:

Part B Collecting data

It is important that you are able to get sufficient data from the museum that you have claimed. Collecting data is time consuming and tedious but is a necessary activity to populate a database. This data will be used in the following assignments.

Methodology: To confirm that your museum provides sufficient data to use it for your assignments, you are to collect data on at least 60 works and to put this data into a tab delimited text file (suitable for loading into the database you will be creating in Assignment #1).
NOTE: Desktop Publishing has a tutorial on tab delimited files.


Hand In: You are to e-mail the marker  CMPT 355 Marker <> a copy of your request to claim a particular museum for your assignment with the text file containing the data you have collected on at least 65 works as an attachment (You will need at least 115 works in total this year from this museum). The subject line of the e-mail should be "CMPT 355 A#0 Part B - Data".

Marks: 0. There are no marks for this assignment. The instructor will post all approved claims in the table below. It is up to each student to ensure that their claim is approved by being posted in the table.

NOTE: museum claims and data must be approved before a student can use the museum's data for assignment # 1.

Approved Claims Table

NOTE:  many museums do not have suitable descriptions of the works

As required above "Each work will need to have an attribute that provides a suitable description of the work. Particular descriptions should come from the approved museum wherever possible. " If you choose to use such a museum you will have to create suitable descriptions which could be a lot of work.
Date Student Name  Mandate (Scope)  Museum Name  Estimated
09/07Ilia RudnitskiyAll works: artefacts, sculptures, potteryBritish Museum2,290,322
09/07Wynston RamsayAll works: art and antiquitiesThe Louvre>35,000 y
09/07Gong ChengAmerican Paintings and SculptureMetropolitan Museum of Art​5324 y
09/07Ansgar DeppingAll works: classic paintings to video installationsMuseum of Modern Art (New York)>120,000 y
09/07Alex ChenAll works: antiquities and artJ. Paul Getty Museum137,913 y
09/07Rudia XieAll works Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery5091 y
09/08Allan KerrAll works: art and artifactsDenver Art Museum580 y
09/08Conor LazarouContemporary Art: painting, sculpture, etc.Art Institute Chicago >157 y
09/08Alexander DumaisPrints, objects, and archivesUKsciencemuseum>1,000,000 y
09/08Angus Jo KwangAll works: antiquities and artHong Kong Museum of Art16000 y
09/08Dylan MooreAll works
Hood museum of art
09/08Erik LindsayPortraitsSmithsonian National Portrait Gallery14000 y
09/08Dominic McKeithCurrency: coins, tokens, and paper moneyBank of Canada Museum110,000 y
09/08Jordan NelsonAircraft/SpacecraftMuseum of Flight>130 y
09/08Mohamed KassemAll works: paintings, sculpture,, etc.
The Frick Collection
09/08James ChapmanAircraft and SpacecraftCanadian Aviation and Space Museum>130 y
09/08Tushita Patel All art works
Aga Khan Museum169
09/08Peter YeungAll works: Art and antiquities Leeds Museum and Galleries5096 y
09/08Yirui Yuefequipment, photos, production design materialsMuseum of the Moving Image1500 y
09/09Chen FuAll art worksTate Museums77,233 y
09/09Wei ZhangAll works: sculptures, watercolors, masksNational Art Museum of China141 y
09/09Chad WoitasHistoric aviationSmithsonian: National Air and Space Museum6500 y
09/09Tianshu ZhaoCollections related to Science & MathematicsSmithsonian: National Museum of American History>2700 y
09/09Jiahuan HeAll works except photographsArt Gallery of New South Wales31583 y
09/09Shuo YuanChinese Painting and CalligraphySeattle Art Museum150 y
09/09Richard GrangerScience and Technology Canadian Science and Technology Museum?20,000 y
09/09Olusegun AdebayoPalace paintings, documents, jades etc.National Palace Museum Shilin, Taipei181 y
09/09Ruoyan ChenWestern ArtThe National Museum of Western Art, Japan181 y
09/09Qi GuoArt and artifacts not related to Science and MathematicsSmithsonian: National Museum of American History>9000 y
09/09Shaoxiong LanAll works: painting, sculpture, etc.Museo del Prado>2819 y
09/09Josh ToddAll works: Woodwind, Percussion, ElectronicNational Music Museum>15,000 y
09/09Gaurav Arora Agriculture
Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
09/09Nickolas GoughAll works except American paintings and sculpturesMetropolitan Museum of Art​> 100,000 y
09/09Chen YangAll Works: Animal, Bikes, Tanks and TrucksNational Army Museum> 10,000 y
09/10Zack SteinhauerScience and technologyDeutches Museum100,000  y
09/10Tiantong WuAll works: paintings, photographs, Jewelry, etc.Hubei Provincial Museum230,000 y
09/10Nam Hoang PhamAll works: paintings, sculptures, etcWalker Art Center872 y
09/10Shisong WangAll works: Accident & Recovery, Geology, etc.National Coal Mining Museum for England> 5,000 y
09/10Kent WeilerPre-modern Japanese and East Asian artNezu Museum>7,400 y
09/10Isaac WalentschekMusical instrumentsUniversity of Edinburgh5075 y
09/11Heramb SawantAerospace vehicles and missilesNational Museum of the US Air Force>360 y
09/12Jia ShiAll works: bronzes, ceramics, paintings, etcShanghai Museum>140,000 y
09/12Daniel MorrisAll works: paintings, photography, sculptureMuseum of Contemporary Art, Australia> 4000  y
09/12Samuel GermainAll works: paintings and sculpturesIndianapolis Museum of Art>300 y
09/12Kenton ReedPaintingsMuseum of Bad Art>140 y
09/12Austin PetersAll Works: Artifacts, Art, Tools,  ect.Museum of London90570 y
09/12Kevin NoonanAll worksPeterson Automotive Museum159 
09/12Heyu WuPaintings, SculptureDelaware Art Museum>200 y
09/12Ryan HoppeMusical instrumentsRoyal College of Music Museum771 y
09/12Dustin MillerAll medical artifactsMuseum of Health Care at Kingston> 35000 y
09/12Jory ChometskyAncient Egyptian AntiquitiesWorld Museum (Liverpool)> 900 y
09/13Christopher MayAll planesRoyal Air Force Museum Cosford>140 y
09/13Agis DanielsAll works: painting, sculpture, etc.​Royal Ontario Museum>500000 y

Evan Berg

All works: painting, sculpture, etc.​Smithsonian: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden>300 y
09/14Juanjuan ZhaoPaintings and drawingsVan Gogh Museum>1000 y
09/14Shay LangerProduct Design and Decorative ArtsSmithsonican: Cooper Hewitt, Design Museum 28443 y
09/15Nhi PhuongAll Works: Prints, Sculpture, Paintings, etc.The Walters Art Museum> 35, 000 y
09/16Warren FehrPaintingsSmithsonian American Art Museum8400 y
09/17JiaWei ZangAll works: painting, sculpture, etc.Israel Museum500,000​ y
09/18Brady Lang All worksYale University Art Gallery>3700 y
09/18Dylan McInnesAll worksHouston Museum of Fine Arts>64000 y
09/18James RossAll worksNasher Museum of Art at Duke University>10000 y
09/18Geoff EmeryAll worksMusée d'Orsay>65000 
09/19Kevin LutzerEuropean Painting and SculptureArt Institute Chicago >110y
10/02Carlin HounjetCPhotography and ArtifactsSmithsonian: National Museum of African American History and Culture3700

Excluded Museums (NOT AVAILABLE for Assignment # 0)

Students may not claim the following museums this year in CMPT  355 Assignment #0:

NOTE: check the url both with and without the "www." prefix to make sure that you are not looking at an alternate url.

Adler Planetarium
Alaska State Museums
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Asian art museum
Australian War Memorial
Brooklyn Museum
Canadian Museum of History
Center for Computing History
Cleveland Museum of Art
Havard Art Museum
Harvard Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments
High Meseum of Art, Atlanta
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Lane Motor Museum
LeMay Family Collection
London Transport Museum
McCord Museum
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Museu Nacional D'Art De Catalunya
Museum of Classical Archeology, Cambridge
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Museum Victoria
Musical Instruments Museum Edinburgh
National Gallery of Art (USA)
National Gallery of London
National Galleries of Scotland
National Museum of China
National Museum (of India) New Delhi
National Museum of Scotland
National Portrait Gallery (UK)
Newark Museum
Personal Computer Museum
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Portland Art Museum
Royal Collection Trust
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
SFO Museum
Smart Museum of Art
Smithsonian: National Museum of African Art
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York
Textile Museum of Canada
Tokyo National Museum
Vatican Museums
Victoria and Albert Museum
The Wallace Collection