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Guidance on Gesture Interactions and Interfaces


Gestures are taking over as the preferred means of interacting with all kinds of systems. But while this uptake is widespread, the diversity of gestures and their uses in interfaces could easily lead to widespread confusion as different systems use different gestures to mean the same thing while using the same gestures to mean different things. Likewise, there is a wide diversity of the way gestures are produced by humans and input into systems.

With our increasing experience of gesture interactions and research into gesture-based interfaces, it is time to consolidate our knowledge in order to guide developers of such interfaces toward a smooth and usable future.

USERLab (at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada) is hosting on behalf of ISO TC159/SC4/WG9 Tactile/haptic interactions

a unique conference on Guidance on Gesture Interactions and Interfaces (G2I2)

to accumulate guidance that can form the basis of international standards

on the design and use of gestures and gesture interfaces.

G2I2 is a unique opportunity for a small gathering of experts to move the state of the practice ahead in a significant manner.

Topics of Interest include:


G2I2 welcomes papers that focus on guidance that is based on research and practice. Research results, presented on their own, are not enough. We are looking for ways that the results can lead to generalizable guidance that can be applied by developers.

Conference Committee

Conference chair:       Jim Carter, U. of Saskatchewan, Canada

Program chair:             Ian Sinclair, MPB Communications, Canada

Program committee:

Ian Andrew, HF Engineer, UK

Stephen Brewster, University of Glasgow, UK

Linda Elliott, U.S. Army Research Lab, USA

Jan Van Erp, TNO Human Factors, Netherlands

David Fourney, Ryerson University, Canada

Marcelo Wanderley, McGill University, Canada

Jeong Hyuk, ETRI, Korea

Jee-In Kim, Konkuk University

Ki-Uk Kyung, ETRI, Korea

Charlotte Magnusson, Lund University, Sweden

Gerhard Weber, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany


G2I2 proceedings:

All accepted papers will be made freely available in pdf format on the G2I2 website.

Authors will retain full copyright to their submissions as long as they allow G2I2 to post a copy of their paper and to use guidelines and models from their paper.

Follow-up publications:

The participants of G2I2 will decide on a suitable reviewed and edited format (journal or book) for publishing revised versions of the papers. It is expected that revisions will take into account the presentations and discussions that take place at G2I2. In this way, readers will get a more useful understanding of the topics covered.

Information from G2I2 papers, presentations, and discussions will be made available to various working groups of the International Organization for Standardization (including ISO TC159/SC4/WG9 Tactile/haptic interactions and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC35 User interfaces) to use with international standards relating to gestures and gesture interfaces.

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