Animal Symbolism Quiz

Directions: Choose one answer from the options for each question.

  1. In Chinese culture, there is a symbolic statue called Shou Xing (long life buddha, big head buddha). It is a symbol of a long, happy and peaceful life. If you were designing a Chinese web site, which animal would you not choose to be with this buddha and a pine tree?
    A. Crane
    B. Deer
    C. Fish

  2. If you were designing a wedding web site for Chinese clients, which animal would you not choose to represent a happy marriage?
    A. Donkey
    B. Fish
    C. Duck

  3. Animals may have a positive meaning in one culture yet have a negative meaning in another. Comparing an animal's symbolism in western culture with that of Chinese culture, which of the animals below does not prove this?
    A. Bat
    B. Boar
    C. Owl

  4. What animal should be used to represent an emperor in Chinese culture?
    A. Lion
    B. Dragon
    C. Cobra

  5. The phoenix is a mythical and legendary bird which appears in the art and literature of many cultures. Identify the symbolic meaning of the phoenix in Christian mythology.
    A. The symbol represents empress, imperial power in feminine aspect.
    B. The symbol represents the sun, rectitude, fidelity, justice, obedience.
    C. The symbol represents the renewal of life and immortality.

  6. Which animal represents fertility in Celtic mythology?
    A. Pig
    B. Frog
    C. Bat

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