CMPT 479/817 Usability Engineering

Project - DesignPhase

The main project page identified that
The analysis page also identified  an expectation of the design phase is to have a well structured set of at least 20 guidelines."

This page provides an elaboration on some expectations of this report.

The design report shall be formatted similar to an international standard or a clause from an international standard.
Guidelines can be either requirements or recommendations.
Guidelines in your report shall contain at least three components:
  1. a descriptive title, similar to the descriptive titles in varous international standards that you have consulted.
  2. the sttement of the guideline, focused on the systm, not on the developers or the users.
    1. e.g "The system shall/should ___________________.
  3. a NOTE that identifies the infomation from the analysis that the the guideline is intended to deal with.
Guidelines can also contain a fourth component:
  1. an EXAMPLE that illustrates an instance in which the guideline might be applied

There is the further expectation that the report will be well written so that it is usable by potential readers of it, including the person who will be marking it.