CMPT 479/817 Usability Engineering

Project - Analysis Phase

The main project page identified that
The context of use page also identified that, "It is expected that your analysis will obtain useful information from a minimum of 15 (and preferably more) sources that each provide some unique insights into the area you are dealing with."

This page provides an elaboration on some expectations of this report.

The focus of this phase of the project is typically to create a well structured set of needs for guidance in some area of usability engineering that will be usable by the identified users to accomplish their identified tasks in the identified environments. Developing the actual guidance comes later, in the Design phase of this project.

Since an expectation of the design phase is to have a well structured set of at least 20 guidelines (requirements or recommendations), it is important that the analysis identify a sufficiently diverse set of needs. It is important to consider that one requirement or recommendation might serve multiple needs.

There is no expectation that the analysis report utilize a formal structure of needs such as provided in Figure 10-4 of the text. In fact, the use of a form based structure for individual needs is highly discouraged, since  the use of forms tends to suggest that only short answers be placed in each field of the form. It is important that each need be clearly discussed.

The expectation is that the analysis report be structured like typical term papers in other disciplines, i.e. a well structured discussion explaining the groups of needs and individual needs within these groups that you have found from your investigations, along with suitable academic referencing for the sources of this information.

Students are encouraged to use properly attributed quotes wherever relevant. Students are advised to also provide proper academic referencing for ideas that they have paraphrased in their own words. All claims need to be supported, either by providing references to the source of the information or by providing a clear example that illustrates the issue. Unsupported opinions will not receive marks. While students can use examples to support ideas, even examples that are obtained from other sources should contain proper academic referencing.

There is the further expectation that the report will be well written so that it is usable by potential readers of it, including the person who will be marking it.