CMPT 479/817 Usability Engineering

Project Presentations

Project presentations will take place on Tuesday Dec 4 starting at 1:00

Each student will be given 20 minutes for a presentation and 10 minutes for handling questions from class members..

Your presentation should include a set of slides (in Powerpoint format. It is requested that you e-mail Professor Carter your slides at least 24 hours prior to the time of your presentation so that he can post them prior to the presentation.

NOTE: Slides should not contain large portions of text. The purpose of slides is to provide organization to the ideas that you will be presenting. Thus slides should be relatively sparse. A typical slide with text would have a title for the slide and between 1 and 5 main points. Each point should just use a few words to introduce the idea that you will be discussing. Where you have a slide containing a graphic, it should be preceded with a slide containing a complete and usable alt-text description of the graphic and should be clearly labeled as a being an alternate slide. This alternate slide will not be included in the count of the number of slides discussed below.

You presentation should include:

  • Based on your project
  • (1 slide - 15 seconds)
  • contains: title for your project, your name, and class name and date
  • NOTE: Do not waste time with a table of contents slide - this presentation is too short to need one
Context of Use
  • Identify the context of your project
  • Discuss why this project is good for usability engineering
  • (1 slide - 1 - 2 minutes)
  • contains: title for slide and outline of points that you will discuss to justify why your project is helpful/useful and for who it is helpful/useful
 Source Information       (for Analysis)
  • Discuss the main sources of information that you used in this project
  • (1 - 2 slides - 3 - 5 minutes)
  • contains: title for slides and outline of major sources of information (idea, author, date) that you used in your project
  • Discuss the main activities that you undertook in this project.
  • (This should include a discussion of any problems that you encountered and how you overcame them.)
  • (1 - 3 slides - 3 - 5 minutes)
  • contains: title for slides, outline of activities and how you accomplished them and any problems that you had to overcome.
  • If you have not completd the design phase of your project
    • Describe the information that you obtained in your analysis and discuss how it will be transformed in your design
  • If you have mostly completed the design phase of your project
    • Describe the results of your project and what you did to ensure that they are usable.
  • (4 - 8 slides - 7 - 10 minutes)
  • contents: will very based on your project
 Conclusion and
  • Very briefly discuss what's next for your project after the design is completed
    • Will it be good enough to be used, if so by who and for what?
    • Will it need more work for it to be useful, if so what type and how much work?
    • Is it just a class project that has little or no further use, if so why is this the case?
  • (1 slide - 30 seconds)
  • contains: title for slide and recommendation(s)

Students should practice their presentations ahead of time to ensure that they can deliver them in the 20 minutes available.

Students should also ensure that their presentations contain at least 15 minutes of content.

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