CMPT 355 Demonstration Schedule 2016

Each team needs to meet with Prof. Carter on Dec 5 or 6 as indicated below to demonstrate your team project.

Remember your project is due to be completed on Monday Dec. 5 at 8:00 a.m. 

Students will hand in electonic copies of their Part b of the project at the start of their scheduled demnostration.

There is no excuse for not being ready for your scheduled demonstration. Even if some team members have a legitimate excuse (one that is acceptable to the Professor), the remaining team members will be required to demonstrate in the time allotted in the schedule. Likewise, there is no excuse for not having your complete project report and code recorded on a CD (or other electronic medium that the professor can keep) for handing in at the time of your demonstration.

It is expected that your whole team will come on time for this demonstration. Demonstrations should be designed to show as much as possible how you have met and exceeded the project requirements. Expect to be asked  to demonstrate how your system accomplishes different things during your demonstration. Be sure that everything is working before your demonstration. 

Warning: Last minute programming changes that have not been thoroughly tested have a habit of causing major problems. 

Marks will be awarded for what is demonstrated only, not for what might have been demonstrated. There will be no opportunity for any additional time to demonstrate your system  beyond the 1 hour that your team has scheduled.

You may use your own computer to connect to the projector in the room, but be sure to test ahead of time that it will work as there is no extra time for if you run into technical difficulties. 

NOTE: You will not be allowed to make repairs during your demonstration.

All demonstrations will take place 371 Spinks (one of the breakout rooms next to the main lab).

   Mon. Dec 5
 Tues. Dec 6
  9:30 - 10:30
   Team 6
10:30 - 11:30  Team 7  Team 11
11:30 - 12:30
 Team 10
 Team 3
12:30 -   1:30
  1:30 -   2:30
  2:30 -   3:30
 Team 4
 Team 1
  3:30 -   4:30
 Team 9
 Team 5
  4:30 -   5:30 Team 2  Team 8